Hi there!

I am Catia and I’m here to start a new path with you

I’m a pursuer of Essentialism, a Life Coach and a Master Trainer.
I’m dedicated to becoming more by doing less and inspiring and teaching people to do the same.

I’ve been exactly where you are – full of creativity and ideas but feeling so overwhelmed to complete (or sometimes even start!) my projects, my work, my day. It was exhausting and so frustrating!

I remember having this never-ending to-do list and a feeling of drag and lack of power. Life was taking over!

At that point I was successful in the outside running my own PR business in Brazil but feeling stressed and incomplete in the inside. 

It wasn’t until I started looking inwards and realizing that all that stress was not coming from outside but from my own thinking, that I could do something about it and start changing my experience.

During my years at the Findhorn Foundation (a spiritual community and learning centre in Scotland) I came across the most precious self-development and spiritual techniques and teachings I could ever dream of:
Non-violent Communication, the Work of Bryon Katie and A Course in Miracles, among others. Living in the Findhorn community was also the perfect environment and context to explore them deeply and put them into practice with groups and in my own life. 

That was a game changer!
No more blaming the world for my unhappiness but taking responsibility for it. What a relief, what a joy! 

Helping other women also stop being a victim of circumstances and live life to the full has become my purpose ever since.

In 2014, together with my inspired husband we launched our coaching game Miracle Choice.

Using a unique combination of these powerful tools I can assist you too to go deep and create real and lasting transformation in your life, from inside out.

Catia Vasconcelos Life Coach
Catia Vasconcelos Life Coach

It’s my passion to help overwhelmed women come out of their inner chaos and find their true life of flow and ease. 

Because you deserve it.

If I can do it, you can, too.

I can help.